5 Video Marketing Trends in 2018

Video keeps growing and so does Video Marketing. We wanted to have a quick look at the video marketing trends of 2018 and see where there’s potential for businesses.

There were quite some news during 2017 regarding video and upcoming devices. We had a couple of new drones, smaller drones and recording devices coming out but

nothing totally new we didn’t know already from 2016.

VR y Augmented Reality Marketing Videos

VR (Virtual Reality) is one of the trends that is continually evolving in recent years and probably of the most exciting technologies. Some

VR Devices Sales 2016/2017

would say that the distribution of the VR devices is a problem but from our point of view VR is still going strong and since Oculus and the Sony

PlayStation VR devices 2.55 million units sold), overall VR device sales increased in 2017. It’s an interesting trend Marketers should check out in 2018.

Data from Statista: Worldwide virtual reality (VR) headset unit sales by brand in 2016 and 2017 (in millions).

Live Video Streaming

Live Streaming is on the rise. With the launch of the Facebook Live Stream functionality, Facebook took a great step forward and enters the live streaming market together with Amazon (Twitch), Google (Youtube) and many other live streaming platforms that already trying to kill TV. The first big brands tested live streaming in 2017 and used it for branding. Some personalities already use live streaming to successfully market their brands.

Live Streaming is interesting for businesses because they might want to try something new in 2018 and there might be quite some opportunity in Live Streaming. How about creating your next Webinar and make a Live Stream out of it.

Periscope, Facebook, Youtube and even the Twitch, which is more focused towards gamers might be interesting to designers and even coders with sections like “Creative” and “Programming”

360º Videos

360-degree videos is one of the video marketing trends that will keep engaging users in 2018. As we discussed in our Content Marketing Trends article, interactive content is on the rise and users want more than just watching a video, “hit the like button” or comment. 360-degree videos achieve exactly that, more interactivity with the user. The user becomes part of the video by moving the POV (Point of view) of the video by moving the phone or dragging the video around.

An excellent example of the use of 360-degree cameras, is this following video of Casey Neistat, one of most influential YouTubers, using a 360-degree camera during a whole day.

This Video Marketing Trend is particularly interesting for Tourism and Real Estate Businesses who might want to expand their Marketing activities and present their top properties in a new perspective.

Cost reduction

Video Production costs are constantly decreasing. There are many interesting video creation tools out there and even Facebook has a basic editor that allows you to create a video ad from content you already have on Facebook or, simply images. Cost reduction for video will be important in 2018 as businesses will seek more solutions to be able to create videos at a lower rate but also search for more talent to hire.

There are new upcoming video creation tools every day that allows businesses and personal brands to create videos, explanatory video in a relatively high quality and for a low budget. That’s why “low cost video production” is one of the video marketing trends in 2018. Smartphone cameras are the most used cameras in the world, more and more users have smartphone cameras at their fingertips with the ability to create high-quality videos and software for Desktop, Android or iOS devices is constantly decreasing as more and more businesses and apps offer great tools to enhance your productions.

Some cool tools to check out in 2018 and maybe reduce production cost are:

  • Animaker
  • PowTool
  • Wideo
  • GoAnimate
  • Bitable
  • RawShorts
  • Videoscribe

Short Stories / No Sound / Subtitled

Due to the increased smartphone use, much more videos are consumed on Social Networks.  A lot of these videos are consumed without sound. Social Media adapted quickly, and as you might have noticed, Viral videos now nearly always contain subtitles within the video. Business from big publications normally contains small text sections to explain the context of the video for viewers who have sound deactivated.

From Viral Social Media Videos, we can also learn that “getting to the point” is more crucial than ever. The user is scrolling through the feed, in case the video starts automatically (which is the recommended Facebook setting for videos) you need to get the attention of the viewer in the first few seconds and with a strong statement either in the text section or directly in the video itself.

Also, keep in mind that you can embed Facebook videos into websites, this is a function, not used enough by businesses. I am sure there’s some potential for many companies and their Facebook Video Marketing activities. Here’s a viral cat video with some of the critical elements.

That’s it for now, I’ll try to keep this article up-to-date and add new trends during 2018 if there might be something new and unexpected on the horizon. Stay tuned and subscribe to the COSEOM Newsletter if you are interested and want to learn more about Video Marketing Trends.


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