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We provide international SEO and Online Marketing for global businesses in Barcelona, Spain, USA, Germany, Italy, UK. Our multinational team conducts SEO and PPC Audits. We create Multilingual Growth Marketing Campaigns and Content for eCommerce, Start-ups, SaaS companies and portals in different industries.

Pay Per Click

Multilingual PPC (Pay Per Click)

Together with your team, we develop advanced B2B Pay Per Click campaigns in Google Ads, Youtube, Microsoft Ads, Twitter, Capterra and many more. Quick start your new business campaigns with up-to-date practices and weekly reports. Our experienced PPC team will assist you with campaign analysis, PPC management, strategy, and creatives.

Paid Social Ads

Social Media Marketing

Grow your paid social acquisition channel with our integrated Paid Social Marketing Services to generate more MQLs and SQLs. High-end strategy development for Facebook and LinkedIn Ads, Account management, Ad planning, and creation. Optimize Paid Ad spent, CPL and CPCs to reach the target audience you need for business growth.

We Manage International PPC & SEO For Companies Like:


Grow your top of the funnel lead generation by 20-400%

Our clients generate more traffic, more top of the funnel leads, and more MQLs! Their businesses grow, in some cases more than 400%, in only 3-6 months. They improve Cost per Acquisition and ROI in the process.

Our Advanced SEO strategies and Growth Marketing Services include audit, strategy, implementation, and reporting. Constant communication with you as a client is key to establish a team-like relationship and assuring the growth of your business. Resolve your most complex SEO issues and identify opportunities. Start-ups and established business in Europe and the US implement our growth marketing strategies to improve customer acquisition.

Industries we work in

Fintech SEO


We help online businesses in the financial technology sector to establish their brands and generate thousands of leads. FINTECH businesses benefit from our integrated SEO & PPC services.


SaaS companies need high-quality leads to be able to compete in niche markets and against other strong players online. We help SaaS companies to establish their brand organically and to generate leads constantly.


The travel industry is competitive and constantly changing. With our long-term experience in the travel industry and multilingual expertise, we help businesses to establish travel brands in Europe or the US.

Digital Marketing for Cybersecurity


With rising investments in cybersecurity infrastructure, the cybersecurity market is projected to grow to USD 345.4 Billion by 2026. Cybersecurity companies rely on our experience to generate demand for their sales pipeline.


We're building long-term digital strategies to generate value for your business.


Our clients contact us to work on their hardest problems— we perform in many industries


Whether you love to write, SEO, PPC, or hustle in IT, there's a place for you.

What our customers and partners say

"David is the best technical SEO and SEM expert I know. He heads up complex multilingual projects for international companies. He has the skills to drive rankings and inbound revenue for any kind of company. I would highly recommend David for your next inbound marketing project."

MEAGAN FRENCH, B2B Marketing Director for Hire | Marketo Certified

"David and his team were fantastic from start to finish. We hired him to help our company accelerate our International growth. David quickly became a trusted advisor to the company and helped us break into new markets through strategic SEO, localizing and translating our website and building a local, cost-effective presence in new markets. I would hire David anytime and strongly."

DAN SCHOENBAUM, President & COO at RiskIQ

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Your partner for technical SEO projects and Advanced PPC

COSEOM was founded in 2008 and since then we helped many businesses to grow in their space.

Coseom’s International SEO and Growth Marketing Services include Audits, Strategy Planning, Meetings and Reporting. We communicate constantly with our clients to establish a team-like relationship and to assure the growth of the business. We help resolve complex SEO issues and identify opportunities across several industries.

The COSEOM team of writers, translators, International SEO, PPC and Social Media specialists are ready to go! Get in touch with our project managers David or Esther to discuss your growth project:


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