The content your business releases is the most important asset to generate new customers.

Each piece of content that gets published represents your business. It’s important to make sure that every bit of it is perfect. The COSEOM team is Ready to tackle your content requirements and develop a process for content marketing that fits your team, possibilities and budgets.

We create website content for landing pages, blog posts, ebooks and whitepapers. We can add the creation of Ads, Social Media Posts and creatives if necessary.

With our multilingual team we have the ability to spread your message on several markets at the same time. We take care of the editing, revistion, image sourcing and translation of the next eMail Newsletter or the Christmas Message from the CEO. We stick to brand guidelines and prior defined styles and types of content.

Different types of customers require different types of contents. We can help you to find the content that fits your audience and “works”.

Why you should publish more high-quality content on your domain

  • Content increases trust in your brand
  • High Quality content helps you to “stick out”
  • Good content helps you to increase organic (SEO) traffic
  • Great content increases engagement on Social Media
  • Translated content helps you to reach a greater audience
  • Translated content helps you to increase trust on other markets

The content audit is a great start to get a complete overview of a sites current situation. We analyze the complete structure of the website and its content. It helps us to understand what are the most valuable contents on your current site and which ones we want might to optimize in the future. We match the content with Search Engine results to see which content is performing on search and which posts are driving social engagement. Content audits are especially important for big sites with high quantities of content or listings.

If you are interested in a content audit to find potential threats, duplicate content or simply for the investigation of a penalization, feel free to get in touch and start with your SEO content audit right away.

A coherent content strategy is a must for all businesses that look for online growth. We can help you to establish the right strategy, implementation plan and processes to start with content and content marketing. Our team helps you to understand what content is needed and where you should promote it. If required we can manage the complete process of content planning and development until publication to make it easier for your team to focus on sales and support.

Give your content the attention it deserves and get it done the right way!

Localization, Internationalization and Optimization are the key to international growth. We are specialized in the internationalization of online businesses and have a long-term experience in translation, especially technical (web) translation. From simple web translations and guides, to eBooks, Whitepapers or Social Media Ads we are trained and experienced in translation of these things keeping keywords, characters and call to actions in mind. We deliver fast and on schedule. This service is particularly interesting for businesses in the US or UK which want to expand their content activities in Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland,… ) or businesses who want to expand their activities in the US or the United Kingdom.

Our content creation service is perfect for businesses that want to focus only on their projects. We take care of content creation as a whole. We create content on prior agreed terms and take care of the revision, validation and maybe even publication in WordPress. If you are interested in completely outsourcing your content creation efforts for your blogs or you need the constant creation of content for your business, get in touch with our team and we work out a plan that fits your objectives.


Interested in content?

Thank you for your interest in our multilingual content creation services. Please contact us using the contact form on the right.

Why let us create your content?

  • Quality:We understand content quality and treat our projects accordingly.
  • Experienced: More than 15 years of content experience
  • Versatile: We are versatile and trained in various industries
  • Speed: We want you to grow fast, we deliver fast
  • Multilingual: We create content in Spanish, English and German and more for our clients.

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