Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing can dramatically increase the quality and quantity of leads for your business.

Each article, each landing page that is available on your website represents your company. Making sure that every bit of it is perfect is essential. Our team of inbound marketing requirements and develop an inbound marketing strategy that fits your organization, possibilities, and budgets

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that combines various components of Marketing, like SEO, PPC and content creation. The objective is to create and promote helpful, compelling and useful content to attract, but also specific, professional content to validate a customers journey through the marketing funnel.


How does Inbound Marketing work?

Inbound Marketing is not just about creating content and ranking for it. It’s about having the right material for the user. In the image below you can see the different steps of a typical B2B or even B2C marketing funnel.

Inbound Marketing is one of the most successful marketing tactics out there at the moment. Instead of selling products or services with pushy messages, you use inbound marketing to tell a story and persuade the potential customers by giving them value. They will consider buying from your business if they like your brand and need your service.

In inbound marketing, you create assets and value that is interesting for potential buyers. You don’t push your product to the user; you persuade them. You impress them with exceptional content, so they consider buying from you later.

Your business is unique, and different products or services require different types of content. Your company, or a deal that will solve all your issues. Our team will help you to create a multilingual inbound marketing strategy that not only generates traffic but also value for your business in the long run.

Why you should you consider an Inbound Marketing Agency in Europe?:

  • Qualify Leads and decrease Customer Acquisition Cost
  • Impact potential customers positively through sharing knowledge
  • Become an industry leader by providing value with content
  • Additional Long-term value for your online business
  • Inbound Marketing increases trust in your brand
  • Inbound Marketing content is suitable for SEO
  • Inbound Marketing increases engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Inbound Marketing helps engagement on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Multilingual Inbound Marketing multiplies success
  • Multilingual Inbound Marketing help you to establis your brand internationally

The inbound marketing audit is a great start to get a complete overview of a sites current content. We analyze the entire content of the website, the sales funnel and your businesses current approach to lead generation. This first overview is a great start to see all your content pieces on your existing site and which ones you should optimize.

If you are interested in an inbound marketing audit to discover your businesses potential with content that generates demand and qualified leads.

A coherent inbound marketing strategy is essential for all B2B businesses with a longer customer acquisition cycle, where the buyer or decision maker will last longer to be able to commit. Our team will help you to establish the right approach, implementation plan and processes to start with content and inbound marketing. Our team helps you to understand what inbound marketing strategy is needed and where you should promote your assets. If required we can manage the complete inbound marketing process using the tools you have already in place.

These tasks can be everything related to your high-value marketing content: From headline development, a content plan, creation, editing, translating and publishing.

The informational and useful content will make it simpler for your sales team to explain whys, whens and hows easier having all the different resources available and users can inform themselves on what exactly your service or products are and how they work.

Give your Blog, Help Center or Resource Section the attention it deserves and gets Inbound Marketing done the right way!

Content creation for Inbound Marketing is not just about writing 400-word articles with a nice keyword headline and try to rank for it. Inbound Marketing is much more than that. Creativity and Out-Of-The-Box Thinking not just allows us to come up with ideas but also to integrate quickly with content assets you already have. Content creation is all about having the right quality content available at the right place at the right time.

Translation, Internationalization, and Optimization of your most potent content could be the key to international success. Our team is specialized in the internationalization of online content and has long-term experience in translation, especially technical (web) translation.

From web translations and guides to eBooks, White Papers or Social Media Ads we are trained and experienced in the interpretation of these pieces keeping keywords, characters, and call to actions in mind. We deliver fast and on schedule.

This service is particularly interesting for businesses in the US or UK which want to expand their inbound marketing activities in Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland… ) or European businesses who wish to develop their actions in the US or the United Kingdom.


Interested in Inbound?

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Why COSEOM for Inbound?

  • Quality:We understand content quality and treat your project accordingly.
  • Experienced:You get more than 18 years of experience
  • Versatile:You get a versatile and trained team in various industries
  • Speed:You want you to grow fast, we deliver quickly
  • Multilingual:We create content in Spanish, English and German and more for your business.

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