Chrome Plugins for Marketers in 2018

Chrome is one of the most used browsers online. Aggressive campaigns from Google helped Google Chrome to expand rapidly and increase its user base steadily. Chrome is also one of the most used Browsers among Marketers, and this is mostly because of the cool little tools many companies offer for Chrome. These little tools which give your Browser additional functionalities in Chrome are called Plugins or Extensions, and you can install them from the Extension Directory to add additional functions to your browser.
Plugins are fantastic but they need to work, and we need to make sure that the information shared with the plugin does not include any private stuff. Be aware that

companies develop plugins which connect to your browser. Always be mindful of what you activate, when you use it and which information you are about to type into your browser.

There are many different Plugins or Extensions for Marketers, and today I wanted to resume the best Chrome Plugins for Marketers in 2018 that I am continually using during my daily work but also some new interesting ones we found during the research for this article.

Analytics / Marketing

Social Media Management

CRM and Contacts

Writing and Content

eCommerce Chrome Plugins

SEO Chrome Plugins


Resources PC/Mac


This is an ongoing list and we will keep adding cool plugins constantly, so make sure to check back in later.

Do you know any Extension or Plug-in that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

Are you a Chrome Plugin or Extension developer and want us to test your plugin? Send us an email and we’ll be happy to give it a spin!

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