Growth Marketing

Driving Business Growth for Global Brands

Generate more MQLs and SQLs

Coseom provides multilingual online marketing services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We try to adapt as much as possible to your conditions and work as part of your Online Marketing Team.

Multilingual SEO Agency Barcelona Spain

International SEO

Advanced SEO strategies and Implementation. On & Off-Page SEO for International websites. Campaigns in English, Spanish, German, Italian.

Multilingual PPC (Pay Per Click)

International PPC

Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms can be used to Drive Paid Acquisition. Strategies and Implementation in multiple languages.

Social Media Marketing

Paid Social

Paid Social Media Planning, Creation and Management. Paid Media campaigns and growth with LinkedIn Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Capterra, Twitter, Reddit or Quora

Content Creation, Optimization & Marketing


How’s your content performing? Content is the key to success for all the different marketing and growth channels. Coseom has the team and the expertise to provide that content.

Video Marketing Agency

Video Marketing

Videos are the preferred medium to consume content. Videos are on the rise in many ways. Videos Ads, Social Videos or Explanatory we help you to connect with your audience.

Affiliate Marketing Agency Spain

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has changed a lot but still accounts for a vast amount of sales and leads generated online. We help you to establish, manage and grow your Affiliate Program.